Friday, October 16


1. Cupcakes AND donuts! Heaven... via Oh Joy 2. Pretty ballerina, unknown 3. Addressing, via Oh Joy 4. On my wishlist, Cambridge Satchel Company 5. Isn't this the cutest little car ever? Fiat 500 (or 600?), via Bloomingville

When class was canceled this morning, my friend and I had a cup of tea (or coffee..) and a pastry. Then did some shopping and bought two secondhand dresses (in need of adjustments) instead of the coat and shoes I was looking for but couldn't find. And then, I sat down on the sofa with another cup of tea and Vogue Paris and AnotherMan, while the autumn weather was blowing the leaves from the trees and making everything smell awfully nice...

This makes for a very, very good day.

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1 comment:

Laurette said...

Cupcakes with donuts ^^
2x evil = damn good!
Keep it going!

Love, Laurette