Friday, April 30

Frankie, dear

All from weheartit

I fell in love with Frankie. Head over heels. It's just that... these long distance relationships... they do not really work. Otherwise we could have shared my bicycle and have had a summer picnic in a field of flowers.

Saturday, April 24

God save the Queen's birthday

This 'Koninginnedag', or Queen's Day, I will be searching the flea markets for...

... little figurines

?, ---
... which will fit nicely in a wooden 'letterbak' (is that 'type case' in English?). Preferably the right one, but most common is the left one.

... picture frames

... and vintage leather bags.

And anything else pretty that says 'pick me!'

Wednesday, April 7

La Garçonne

Painting by Lisa Rucker, Alexa Chung, Pandora, Chanel, Chloé.

Spring longing is pastels, suits and nouvelle vague.
And a bit of this.