Saturday, December 26


Both via Julia

The dress and boots and dotted tights would go so great together.. Lovely, lovely.


So, being late to wish you a merry christmas, I still hope you had a nice one! And snow white..

Saturday, November 21


Oh my, this is making me happy. Babycakes NYC is a vegan, gluten-free, soy-free etc. (cupcake)bakery and they now have launched their own cookbook! If only I could get my hands on one of those! (and on the ingredients, which might be unfindable in the Netherlands...) The cupcakes seem quite edible, non?

For a few of Erin McKenna's recipes, click here!

Wednesday, November 18


1. & 2. weheartit, 3. Su Blackwell

Je dwong me.

Thursday, November 5


Cédric Bihr, unknown, weheartit

After a week of studying, I really feel like sleeping.. Eating cupcakes (tomorrow!).. Buying those tights..

Sunday, November 1


Studying for exams, so for now, just a picture of my favourite things. A little red Moleskine notebook, a pretty 'vintage' card, and a watch and ring that belonged to my mom.

Saturday, October 24


This morning I went running. Not with this pretty pink sky, though. It was grey and clouded and the rain was pooring and afterwards, I was soaked and so cold! But I love autumn... So I decided it was comfort food time! Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese and butter frosting, homebaked. They were gone before I could even take a picture! Sneaky little darlings...

Friday, October 23


unknown, Pascal Grob, weheartit

Longing for France after a presentation on French culture. Professors are cruel.

Friday, October 16


1. Cupcakes AND donuts! Heaven... via Oh Joy 2. Pretty ballerina, unknown 3. Addressing, via Oh Joy 4. On my wishlist, Cambridge Satchel Company 5. Isn't this the cutest little car ever? Fiat 500 (or 600?), via Bloomingville

When class was canceled this morning, my friend and I had a cup of tea (or coffee..) and a pastry. Then did some shopping and bought two secondhand dresses (in need of adjustments) instead of the coat and shoes I was looking for but couldn't find. And then, I sat down on the sofa with another cup of tea and Vogue Paris and AnotherMan, while the autumn weather was blowing the leaves from the trees and making everything smell awfully nice...

This makes for a very, very good day.

Besides, you can now follow my blog with Bloglovin', by clicking the link in the sidebar or this one!

Saturday, October 10


A lovely set of baboushka (or matroushka?) dolls, a souvenir from Berlin. The tiniest one is so tiny, not even bigger than the top of my little finger! I got them from my mom and dad, who went there a few weeks ago. I wish I could have visited it myself..!

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My newly created Tumblelog: Notitieboekje. It will be filled with pages from my notebooks. Well, they're more scrapbooks or mini moodboards, actually. I love pretty papers, pictures and all other things small and flat that I can glue in my notebooks to make those pages look even nicer!


Friday, October 9


1. Lovely breadboard, by Tas-ka 2. You don't need a lot to create a pretty lamp, by Fröken Ö 3. Pulleys and clothes, via Oh Joy!

Sometimes, the simplest designs are the prettiest. Just genius, I think. You can expect more 'Genius' posts in the future!

Tuesday, September 29


Italian inspired lunch on a drizzly autumn day.

Friday, September 25


Pictures taken from Lula magazine, issue nine.

Lula is my absolute favourite. Issue number nine is amazingly beautiful, with Karen Elson as the guest editor. It is all about ginger haired girls this time... These pictures above are only a few a my favourites, it was so hard to choose from all the loveliness!
The collar of the shirt in the last picture will definitely be a DIY project for this autumn, as well as the bracelet in the third.

I hope you like it and good luck finding your own copy!

Monday, September 21

Sunday, September 20



Sundays are the best. Doing nothing in particular. Bouncing around in your pyjamas all day. Happiness.



Saturday, September 19


A while ago I made these super yummy blueberry muffins. If they hadn't looked so pretty, they would have been devoured in a second!

Friday, September 18


Rememo, Miss Dior Chérie, unknown

Today is also the day to start a blog!