Thursday, January 28


Favourite Lula picture.

Sunday, January 17

Spring comes early this year

All See by Chloe pictures from

Longing for bare legs, blossoming trees and the sun warming my face. The fashion world doesn't really help either, selling their spring collections in the midst of winter... See by Chloe looks so nice this season. I love-love the coat and pants in the above pictures. I'm also anxiously waiting for A.P.C. to show their lookbook. I already saw their men's accessories line: the messenger bags are just too lovely. Perfect for school.

Des anniversaires

Pre-birthday birthday cheesecake. Homemade, with a little help from Jamie Oliver (well, his cookbook obviously). Incredibly rich, but very tasty. I also made apple cinnamon cake with whipped cream, which was good as well, better even. We celebrated me and my little brother's almost-birthdays for family this weekend. More celebrations and cake next weekend. Not unpleasant, no.

Friday, January 15

Life is like a box of chocolates...

... You never know what you're gonna get. This quote of Forrest Gump certainly counts for thrift shops. I love this small chest of drawers and the embroidery wall hanging, both bought in said shops. When I saw the cabinet in the shop a few years ago, it made me all overexcited like a toddler. Cabinets of this quality usually don't sell for just five euros! The things people give away to charity.. don't stop!

And now, off to bed.

Thursday, January 7

I'm a fool.. to want you

Christy Turlington, inspiration: Jean Seberg

I just keep playing this song over and over again...

Sunday, January 3


I would have never claimed to be a 'bag' girl, but after some proper reviewing of my closet, I might have to reconsider that statement. I have at least 30 of them, collected over about 5 years. Most of them are second-hand from thrift stores, flea markets and hand-me-downs. And they don't even get the love they deserve, see how they are stock-piled like logs... I couldn't bear to sell them, though...

Friday, January 1

In 2010 I will...

Those dancing days

1. procrastinate less *
2. read more books
3. continue to eat my veggies
4. create more pretty things

Usually, I never have good intentions for the new year. They never seem to work (for me, or anyone I know, really). But I'm willing to give it a go this year. Who knows?

* Edit (16.28): I sort of already broke this one... today. I'm horrible, like I said. However, I will not give up immediately. Since they are not rules that can be broken, really. They are more like guidelines... right?


Happy new year! Let's hope this year will be better than all years past.